March 14, 2022

Press Release GALAXIES opening March 30th, 2022


14th of March 2022

GALAXIES by Lola de Miguel opening March 30th

About the exhibition: 

52 Greene Street, Third Floor Gallery, New York City, is pleased to announce a new solo exhibition by Lola de Miguel, GALAXIES, acrylic paintings in large and small format, opening March 30th through April 15th. 

With this new collection, de Miguel returns from Europe to downtown Soho, New York, with stunning abstract visions of the future and reflections of our times that mark the second solo exhibit of paintings she has created during the disruptive global pandemic. 

©2022 Lola de Miguel part of GALAXIES size 30"x 24", 76cm x 91cm
©2022 Lola de Miguel part of GALAXIES size 30"x 24", 76cm x 91cm

In GALAXIES, de Miguel expresses her reaction to her environment, the global shut-downs, quarantines and isolation that have limited interactions with others, as well as the societal upheavals, which have made the human race seem precarious, small even, as if viewed from far above. De Miguel’s paintings in GALAXIES are a reflection of this chaos, as well as a reflection of the paradise that exists between earth and sky, which we can only reach through a shared aspiration to find new order in space. 

Using acrylic mediums, pouring, scraping and blotting, nearly abandoning the brush all together, de Miguel creates richly-textured, extraterrestrial landscapes in vibrant golds and blues, muted greens and taupes and ghostly whites, otherworldly oases, which she envisions man- and womankind can escape to as we evolve from where we are to where we are going. Just as Salvador Dali envisioned worlds beyond our own, so, too, in GALAXIES, does de Miguel envision places she finds through the act of painting, places that are beyond our everyday imagination, places that come to her after observations of the world around her and deep emotional self-reflection. Separated from the human interconnectedness that makes up so much of her life, through these paintings in GALAXIES, de Miguel offers a glimpse of the collective chaos we’ve all been through, and the hope of solutions of other worlds to come.  

Abstract artist Larry Poons has said of de Miguel’s work, “For me, your art succeeds because you are fearless.” And in fact, de Miguel has been fearlessly exploring color and texture and size and practices in her painting over the last decade. Asked about GALAXIES, de Miguel said: “I am an artist but also a human being, concerned about what is happening around me. In myself, I feel the dichotomy of providing a safe, beautiful space with my art that allows us to see a glimmer of light at the end of this darkness. At the same time, I want my art to be a reflection of the tumultuous times we are experiencing. As a child it brought me peace to look at the night sky in summer. My father had a garden in our little house outside of the city where I could look at the clear sky and contemplate the stars. I felt both fascinated by the magnificent beauty of the stars but also minuscule in comparison to the universe. Lately, these feelings keep surfacing for me: the need to feel connected with nature, the need to feel connected to the universe, and the need to feel connected to humans and human nature…but also the feeling of being minuscule, adrift in chaos, that I do not know how long will last or where it will bring us.”

©2022 Lola de Miguel part of GALAXIES size 48"x 60", 122 cm x 152cm
©2022 Lola de Miguel part of GALAXIES size 48"x 60", 122 cm x 152cm

Lola de Miguel is a bold explorer and learner, and a truly international spirit. Born in a small town in Spain, her path has taken her to live in 6 different countries through many life and career changes. She has studied Painting at the Art Students League of New York, honored to learn from some of her art mentors including artists James Little and Ronnie Landfield. De Miguel is a widely exhibited artist that has had six solo exhibitions in New York in the past few years: “African Memories,” “Underwater Emotions,” “New York City Inspires,” “The Jungle,” “Mother Earth Love,” and “Amazonian.” Her seventh solo exhibit in New York City, GALAXIES, causes viewers to wonder where they stand, which universe inspires them, and which extraterrestrial landscapes act as imagined sites for their own renewal, growth and potential.