November 26, 2022

Press Release ESSENCE, opening Friday Dec 9th, 2022

PRESS RELEASE Nov 25th, 2022 


About the exhibition: 
52 Greene Street, Third Floor Gallery, New York City, is pleased to announce a new solo exhibition by Lola de Miguel, Essence, her ninth solo show in Manhattan, 13 acrylic paintings in large format, opening Dec 9th through Dec 21, 2022. 


Part of the Essence exhibit by Lola de Miguel 60" x 48"


With this new collection, de Miguel returns to Soho with a body of work that she has created in the aftermath of the global pandemic as New York City eased up on restrictions and yet the future remains so uncertain. Inspired by the writings of Viktor E. Frankl, and his elegiac masterpiece, “Man’s Search For Meaning,” de Miguel has been on her own quest to discover personal meaning. The thirteen large format abstract works of this series reflect de Miguel’s exploration into meaning and what is essential—what remains when everything is stripped away and how to preserve that. Using self-inquiry prompts as she created each work, de Miguel asked herself such questions as: What is important to me? What can not be left out? How can I be in harmony? And using the physical act of painting and pouring to create these works of muted, watery calming color that are layered with places of transparency and empty spaces, she depicts her thoughts and meditations, offering a glimpse of what lies below the surface when we go into our minds. “My work became lighter, more transparent and layered,”said de Miguel. “Not only did I use paint on the canvas to reveal what was in my mind, but I also used water, the basic essence of all living things. And just as with the transformative nature of water that changes to exist in a variety of forms, I, too, had to be ready for the unexpected and adapt quickly to circumstances to let my intuition guide me through the process.” With these meditative works de Miguel invites viewers to contemplate their own essence and absolute truth because for de Miguel, as with author/philosopher Viktor Frankl, once you embrace essence, life becomes meaningful.  



@2022 Lola de Miguel. Part of the Essence exhibit by Lola de Miguel 60" x 48"

Lola de Miguel is a bold explorer and learner, and an international spirit. Born in a small town in Spain, her path has taken her to live in 6 different countries through many life and career changes. She has studied Painting at the Art Students League of New York, honored to learn from some of her art mentors including artists Larry Poons, James Little and Ronnie Landfield. De Miguel is a widely exhibited artist that has had 8 solo exhibitions in New York in the past few years: “African Memories,” “Underwater Emotions,” “New York City Inspires,” “The Jungle,” “Mother Earth Love,” “Amazonian,” “Galaxies,” and “Floating Colors".

Her ninth solo exhibit in New York City, Essence, inspires viewers to contemplate their own essence and seek out ways to find purpose and peace even in today’s turbulent times.

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