May 15, 2022

Press Release FLOATING COLORS, opening May 18th, 2022

PRESS RELEASE May 15th, 2022 



About the exhibition: 52 Greene Street, Third Floor Gallery, New York City, is pleased to announce a new solo exhibition by Lola de Miguel,  FLOATING COLORS, her 8th solo show in Manhattan, 13 acrylic paintings in large, medium and small format, opening May 18th through June 1st, 2022. 

60" x 72" FLOATING COLORS series ©2022 Lola de Miguel
60" x 72" Acrylic and medium on Canvas. FLOATING COLORS series ©2022Lola de Miguel

With this new collection, de Miguel returns to Soho with a second body of work, which she created during the global pandemic, specifically from her time of living and working alone in the German Alps. These abstract works of color and energy depict de Miguel’s inner and outer exploration as she followed a solo daily practice of meditation, hours’ long walks in the mountains, and painting, while considering life’s biggest questions: Who am I? What is this world we live in? Who am I to others, and others to me? How can we create a future in this world together?

Her paintings are in response to these questions, as well as depictions of the questions themselves, where bold colors float free in the universe, calling out juxtapositions of human interaction, the need for separate and relational identities, and the fluidity of combining and recombining possible solutions through color, shapes and light.


“During the time I was alone, I was reminded of a man I met once, who gave off the energy of a really happy man,” says de Miguel. “When I asked him what his secret was, he said, ‘Legerezza,’ which in Italian, means ‘lightness.’ I adopted this way of being for myself.” The energy of living in the present, letting things flow, finding her space fluidly in relation to others and seeking out the joy of unpredictable moments and combinations—came out in her work.


Also inspired by her painting mentor, James Little,whose work is now being shown at the Whitney Biennial, de Miguel values the importance of combining darks and lights, large shapes and small, movement and stillness in her painting, just as in life. “My work became lighter, more transparent and layered,” she said. “I used not only paint but also water, which meant, like in life, I had to be ready for the unexpected, I had to adapt quickly to circumstances and let my intuition guide me through the process.” 


30"X 24"FLOATING COLORS SERIES©2022Lola de Miguel 

Lola de Miguel is a bold explorer and learner, and an international spirit. Born in a small town in Spain, her path has taken her to live in 6 different countries through many life and career changes. She has studied Painting at the Art Students League of New York, honored to learn from some of her art mentors including artists James Little, Larry Poons and Ronnie Landfield. De Miguel is a widely exhibited artist that has had 7 solo exhibitions in New York in the past few years: “African Memories,” “Underwater Emotions,” “New York City Inspires,” “The Jungle,” “Mother Earth Love,” “Amazonian.” and “Galaxies.” Her eighth solo exhibit in New York City, FLOATING COLORS, inspires viewers to move more lightly in the world, see past our surface differences, and seek out ways to coexist in harmony.