Lola de Miguel was born and raised in a traditional and conservative Spanish family. But her dynamic spirit pushed her to leave the enchanting green scenery of the Pyrenees and go explore the multicultural world.

She was offered scholarships to study art in the USA, but due to pressures from family, she left aside her true passion for creative expression and become a lawyer. An international successful corporate career followed.
Despite professional achievements, her journey towards self discovery continued. The journey took her to live in 6 different countries, different fields and career changes.
But she found the answer when she came to New York. She decided to leap forward and joined the Art Students League.  Her mentors Ronnie Landfield, James Little, Larry Poons and Bruce Dorfman encouraged this path.
Since then, there has been no looking back. She has had numerous groups exhibits, has won awards, a merit scholarship from the Art Students League and has had great success in her solo shows in Soho and Midtown, New York
Lola is an enthusiastic ARTIST and a motivational coach. In both arenas, Lola inspires through her energy, courage, passion and colorful way of approaching life.


Lola uses acrylic on canvas. She is very spirited and energetic and likes the fast decision process acrylic painting offers her.
What all her painting have in common is that hey are really powerful and bright.
She masters color. Her palette is infinite and her joy of life and brightness comes through her art. She is not afraid to set a mark or change totally style. For Lola art is freedom and it is an expression of her constant evolution as a human being. Her imagination has no end, and her creativity has led her to explore other mediums, including sculpture, drawing and mixed media. Her art evolves like she does but is always breathing color , action and expressionism.


I use color marks and free brush strokes, as a continue dance of color and movement to transmit emotion and passion.

I dare to submerge in an exquisite combination of color and texture and its warmth.

For me Art is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in capital letters. Be ready to expect from me anything, different countries, different experiences, different inspirations, different emotions = different paintings…

I paint with my heart and my stomach, I am afraid my brain appears in scene very rarely. My paintings are alive.

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