Art Exhibition by Lola de Miguel opens on December 5th at The YARD Bryant Park.
New York City, NY, Release: October 28th, 2019

18x24 ©2019 Lola de Miguel

A new solo exhibition by Lola de Miguel curated by Karina Grigoryeva opens December 12th at the emblematic 510 5th Avenue , NY 10036. The exhibition features more than 20 art pieces, including paintings, collages and sculptures that will be displayed until February 20th.

MOTHER EARTH LOVE is the latest work of Lola de Miguel. With this collection  de Miguel wants to inspire feelings of wonder, awe, and love for our Mother Earth, in hopes that these feelings will call viewers into action. The subtle yet striking blend of her vivid and passionate palette, with new textures, and all kinds of recycled materials, challenge the visitor to look at the way Nature is constantly changing from a totally new perspective; emphasizing on the emotional connection we all have with Nature.

Asked about the exhibition, de Miguel said …it is about my love for Nature and my desire to make people take action and engage. I want the visitor to connect with my art through a deep dive into their essence and deepest emotions of joy and love to Mother Earth hidden in their childhood memories. I want them to experience how life and death, walking together hand in hand, take them into an uncertain but also a promising future. Viewers can expect to be surprised by the exhibition’s visuals, which will include sculptures of dinosaurs.
Lola de Miguel is an explorer, a truly international spirit and a learner. She was born in a small town in Spain, but her personal growth path took her to live in 6 different countries  and drive multiple careers and experiences throughout her life. She is well-known to the NYC public as she performed three solo exhibitions; “Underwater Emotions”, “New York City Inspires”, and “The Jungle” in the past three years. 
The Mother Earth Love exhibition will certainly raise a different kind of consciousness by bringing to life the artist’s love and profound emotional connection to Nature.

36 X 48 Mix Media Recycling Material

More information about the exhibition can be found at instagram #lolademiguel_art

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