May 26, 2021


 Art Exhibition by Lola de Miguel opens on June 2 at SOHO ( 52 Greene street), New York

New York City, NY, Release: May 26th, 2021

A new solo exhibition by Lola de Miguel opens June 2nd, 2021 at Soho: 52 Greene street 3rd floor, 10013 New York . The exhibition features acrylic paintings in big and small format that will be displayed until June10th.

Acrylic on canvas. 48” x 62” ©2019Lola de Miguel Part of the exhibit AMAZONIAN

AMAZONIAN is  the latest work of Lola de Miguel. With this collection de Miguel shows a transition into the way she sees, experiences and feels Nature. We see her evolving from the rotund, solid and bright expression of Nature she displays in her last collections with some pre pandemic works , into a totally new era where colours have a new meaning and a new purpose. De Miguel’s palette, after experiencing the pandemic,  grows into a serene, calm and delicate selection of colours that are letting space for renewed emotions. Her works  have become lighter, atmospheric and ethereal, opening subtle, invisible and almost poetic ways to Light.

Asked about this collection and the evolution of her work, de Miguel said …Nature plays a crucial role in my life, and I feel the urge to generate awareness that will lead to social action to protect it.  This past year gave me the opportunity of experiencing  Nature from a new perspective, feeling as if I was part of it, merging with its spirit in those moments, when there were no other places or other beings to go to. Nature became my ally, my inspiration and colours changing across the seasons brought a deep sense of hope and continuity. I want it to bring a feeling of connectedness and a sense of new beginning. Light and Hope are the ultimate goal, the soul, the beginning and the end of this collection. Nature is bigger than us.

Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 30" ©2021 Lola de Miguel part of the AMAZONIAN solo show

 Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 30" ©2021 Lola de Miguel part of the AMAZONIAN solo show

Lola de Miguel is an explorer, a truly international spirit and a learner. She was born in a small town in Spain, but her personal growth path took her to live in 6 different countries  and drive multiple careers and experiences throughout her life. She is well-known to the NYC public as she has performed five solo exhibitions in Manhattan  in the past few years: “African Memories”, “Underwater Emotions ”, “New York City Inspires”, “The Jungle”  and “Mother Earth Love” The Amazonian exhibition will certainly open the hearts and the souls of the visitors to a renewed world under a renewed light. 

More information about the exhibition can be found at de Miguel´s homepage or at her instagram account:


RSVP required for opening Wednesday June 2nd, 5:30 to 8:30pm, and for private tours under

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