October 22, 2021




Lola de Miguel is working hard and the large format  is conquering her heart. She feels free to express without barriers, to dance with the flow when a big canvas is in front of her, ready to let the muse's inspiration come and make her wonders. Two paintings of 10 meters each, 32 feet are good examples of this found new funness towards big format. 

      ©2020. Lola de Miguel Painting Galaxies 58""x 111", 147cm x 281cm, hanging in office building in Munich

Lola de Miguel has been specially attracted to the topic of GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY; NATURE; THE FOREST; THE UNIVERSE since the Covid Pandemic started. She wants to evoke the feeling we are part of a big force that connects us all. She believes that finding what connects us, what makes us part of something bigger, what inspires us will help us all heal, all become united in diversity.

Lola de Miguel´s last solo show Amazonian, June 2021 in Soho, New York was a big success, now she is working on a new solo show, we will keep you updated.

Covid spread. Global connectivity. Art during Covid @2020 Lola de Miguel

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